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AC Repair and Service

AC Repair has established itself as the leading AC Technician in Hyderabad. New Supreme Electronics is well known for its service of Air conditioner service, which is also known as Ac's. Due to hot conditions existing in offices and houses air conditioners have become very important appliance. Air conditioner plays a vital role in everyday life. As the usage is on higher side it slows down or stops working due to this.

We charge a very reasonable price for all our services, we also undertake long-term service maintenance contracts to improve the efficiency of your cooling systems. There are numerous instances where we got recommended by our customers to their friends and relatives. High customer satisfaction is the criteria for our success, we value the appreciation of our customers rather than our profits and other benefits.

Our AC Services Includes

  • ♦ AC Repair

  • ♦ AC Technician

  • ♦ AC Installation

  • ♦ AC Maintenance

  • ♦ AC Gas Refilling

  • ♦ AC Advanced Piping Services

  • ♦ All types of Air Conditioner Service & Split AC Repair