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Refrigerator Repair and Service

The problems of Refrigerator Repairs are Less Cold Air Wastage, More Freshness: With the introduction of revolutionary Door Cooling technology, unnecessary cold air loss has been substantially reduced, thus contributing to better efficiency and enhanced performance of the refrigerator

The two additional door vents are operational only when the refrigerator door is closed, thus maintaining cool air flow inside the refrigerator. But when the door is opened, these vents automatically turn themselves off, so that they do not unnecessarily vent out the cold air into the comparatively warm environment outside the refrigerator.

We charge a very reasonable price for all our services, we also undertake long-term service maintenance contracts to improve the efficiency of your cooling systems. There are numerous instances where we got recommended by our customers to their friends and relatives. High customer satisfaction is the criteria for our success, we value the appreciation of our customers rather than our profits and other benefits.

Our Refrigerator Services Includes

  • ♦ Single Door Refrigerators

  • ♦ Double Door Refrigerators

  • ♦ Side by Side Refrigerators